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Outguessing Google

I’m taking on new responsibilities for inFocus, the Vancouver company I have written and edited for since 2015. Our clients are law firms throughout the United States and Canada. We build their websites and maintain them, filling  them with content tailored to their individual practices. Our writing includes practice area pages, blog posts, and press releases. I’m primarily the editor, although I have done a great deal of writing myself and even work around video.

Chief among my new tasks is coming up with new topics for our writers to write on, fresh material the only thing that seems to increase search result rankings. There’s a variety of ways to come up with new ideas, many of which I am only starting to think through. The owner has has produced several pages of techniques for me to look over. This is challenging, sometimes mind-bending work. And work we have to keep to ourselves, just as Google keeps its methods quiet.

I’m an independent contractor at inFocus, not an employee. A benefit working for a Canadian company is that you don’t have to take out self-employment tax. Normally, you have to figure out and then pay Social Security and Medicare taxes on your own. But Canada had no relation with our social welfare systems so you only have to pay Federal tax. And rarely do I make enough money from writing to pay Federal tax. Well, back to the editing.

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