Regarding My Book — An Apology

As a professional writer I am embarrassed to write this. I do not make excuses. I communicate and cooperate with my editors, I come in at word count, and I always meet my deadlines. Always. I keep my word.

However. . .

Due to circumstances beyond my control, the release date for my book is now September, 2020. I apologize to everyone to whom I promised a release date of early 2020.

In the upcoming months, please send me any updates on your mine, claim, business, or activity. I’ll incorporate these changes into upcoming revisions with my editor.

Again, I apologize for this major change that was only revealed to me today, weeks after I submitted my MS before deadline and under word count.

I could not have anticipated this and I regret that the good publicity that could have come to you sooner will now be more than a year away.


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