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What Is The Real You?

No one wants their personality judged when they’re drunk, high, or have lost their temper. “That’s not who I am.” Fair enough. But what if you always want a drink, a drug, or live in a violent environment? Who are … Continue reading

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The Kokoweef Mine and Cavern

Read some outdoor stuff at my rockhounding blog: The Kokoweef Cavern/Mine Complex

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Remington and Maynard Dixon

Maynard Dixon (internal link) is my favorite western artist. Many consider Remington the best. Perhaps. No one, however, created a better sense of place than Dixon. When asked about Remington’s view of the West, Dixon answered that Remington understood horses. … Continue reading

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Book Contract Cancelled

Yesterday was the worst day of my writing career. I was trying to get my book contract cancelled since I no longer trusted the people who lied to me over 14 months. It took eight hours of angry, bitter, inflamed … Continue reading

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Does a Book Validate You as A Writer?

It’s in every writer’s DNA to want to have a book published but it’s not necessary to prove a writer’s worth. I make little money from my writing but I am still a professional and proud of it. Writing can … Continue reading

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What Would You Prefer?

I might end my relation with my publisher and put what I have written online for free. What do you think? Would you prefer a hardcopy book that you would have to pay for, something admittedly convenient, or could you … Continue reading

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Regarding My Book — An Apology

As a professional writer I am embarrassed to write this. I do not make excuses. I communicate and cooperate with my editors, I come in at word count, and I always meet my deadlines. Always. I keep my word. However. … Continue reading

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