Revising 60,000 Words One Paragraph at A Time

This paragraph took twenty minutes to revise, with the emphasis on reducing word count. While I have become better at revising over time, I have never been able to increase my speed.


Tucson’s downside is its overwhelming scale and tremendous popularity. The convention center’s parking lot is jammed on Big Show days. Side streets are filled, with constant traffic enforcement roaming the area. A visitor should put Uber or Lyft apps on their smart phone in case parking proves impossible at the Convention Center. Or, ask a desk clerk to call a ride. A smart phone at a signature event like this is one’s best communication, information, and navigation tool. Make sure, though, to get a conventional paper map of Tucson. It’s a better way to get The Big Picture than a three inch phone screen. 104 words


Tucson’s overwhelming scale and popularity results in tremendous traffic problems. Big Show Days jam the convention center parking lot. Traffic control roams every side street. The visitor’s best communication, information, and navigation tool in Tucson is a smart phone. Install a Uber or Lyft app in case parking proves impossible. Get a hardcopy map of Tucson, too. That three inch phone screen can’t possibly show Tucson’s enormity. 67 words.


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