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Back to the Nopah Range Wilderness Area

Took a break a few days ago to continue exploring the Nopah Range in Inyo, County, California. I was looking for an old silver and lead prospect. Didn’t find it. As always, incredible scenery even with the temperature near a … Continue reading

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Knowledge Is Not Wisdom

Over the past year I have been furiously accumulating facts and analyzing same. I look forward to my self-made storm of details dying down. The Krishnamurti Foundation has a retreat in Ojai, California. Perhaps I can get there by year’s … Continue reading

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Book Update

June 14, 2019 My overall eye health judged good to very good, notwithstanding my poor vision to begin with. Major change in that vision since last my last eyeglass prescription. Eye strain has resulted from trying to focus with glasses … Continue reading

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