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Back to the Nopah Range Wilderness Area

Took a break a few days ago to continue exploring the Nopah Range in Inyo, County, California. I was looking for an old silver and lead prospect. Didn’t find it.

As always, incredible scenery even with the temperature near a hundred degrees. Bring your own shade. Wonderful pieces of quartzite scattered on the ground, some nicely pink. The next time I go I will collect a half bucket or so for tumbling.


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Knowledge Is Not Wisdom

Over the past year I have been furiously accumulating facts and analyzing same. I look forward to my self-made storm of details dying down. The Krishnamurti Foundation has a retreat in Ojai, California. Perhaps I can get there by year’s end. I hope.

Knowledge is Not Wisdom

“In our search for knowledge, in our acquisitive desires, we are losing love, we are blunting the feeling for beauty, the sensitivity to cruelty; we are becoming more and more specialized and less and less integrated. Wisdom cannot be replaced by knowledge, and no amount of explanation, no accumulation of facts, will free man from suffering. Knowledge is necessary, science has its place; but if the mind and heart are suffocated by knowledge, and if the cause of suffering is explained away, life becomes vain and meaningless…

Information, the knowledge of facts, though ever increasing, is by its very nature limited. Wisdom is infinite, it includes knowledge and the way of action; but we take hold of a branch and think it is the whole tree. Through the knowledge of the part, we can never realize the joy of the whole. Intellect can never lead to the whole, for it is only a segment, a part.

We have separated intellect from feeling, and have developed intellect at the expense of feeling. We are like a three-legged object with one leg much longer than the others, and we have no balance. We are trained to be intellectual; our education cultivates the intellect to be sharp, cunning, acquisitive, and so it plays the most important role in our life. Intelligence is much greater than intellect, for it is the integration of reason and love; but there can be intelligence only when there is self-knowledge, the deep understanding of the total process of oneself.”

– J. Krishnamurti
The Book of Life


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Book Update

June 14, 2019

My overall eye health judged good to very good, notwithstanding my poor vision to begin with. Major change in that vision since last my last eyeglass prescription. Eye strain has resulted from trying to focus with glasses which are now distorting everything I look at. New glasses are due in two weeks.

Doing my best to carry on in the meantime. My writing and revising partner has begun her chores and work is proceeding between the both of us.

June 9th, 2019

All unfinished parts of the book have been completed, save for the writing on Southern Utah and Southern Colorado which will take place in the first week of July. I have been working across 38 files which have now been assembled into one document with 13 chapters. I have a book!

I am under word count and am now proceeding with the book’s final revisions. My eyesight is failing, however, and I can only work in short stints. I am spending much time now in dimly lit rooms. I have an eye appointment on June 13th to see if my condition is simply overuse or something else. I am enlisting help at this point, with some writing being sent off to others for revising, word count reduction, and final editing.

August 1st, 2019 remains my deadline which I am confident I will meet. Thank you for your continuing support.


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