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Finishing The Book

Here’s my plan leading up to my August 1st deadline.

May: 500 words a day on all unfinished topics until completed.

June: Organizing all materials into the chapters described in my original proposal. Heavy revising to get word count down.

July 1 to the 7th. Quick trip to south-eastern Utah and southern Colorado to collaborate info found on-line, through interviews, and to take pictures.

July 7th to August 1st. Processing photos, final revising, organizing all materials into the publisher’s Dropbox folder as previously requested.

No travel this month save for a two day trip to San Francisco for dental work. No rockhounding, play, or extra-curricular activities save that needed to complete the book.

Below. Quartz infused rock exhibiting some botryoidal texture. Another mystery of the universe. Amargosa Valley, Nevada.


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