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Goldfield Gemfield Gem Claims Update

Sharon Artlip has been in touch. She and her sister Nadiah Beekum own the Gemfield Gem claims in Goldfield, Nevada. (internal link)

I’ve written quite a bit about the claims at this site and also in the May, 2016 issue of Rock&Gem Magazine. Another name for the claims now seems to be “The Rainbow Chalcedony Claims.”

Sharon writes that, “It has been a wonderful couple of years.  We are still having fun at Gemfield and always trying to improve it.  If you would like I will send you the current brochure.”

Here’s a link below to the current brochure in .pdf, archived at this site. (internal link).

2019-03-Gemfield Gem-Claims-History-pamphlet

This is a link to Sharon’s website supporting the claims:

And here’s a postcard photo of the claims. Click here (internal link) or on the image for a much bigger view:

Sharon holding chalcedony in Goldfield at Bryan Smalley’s Hidden Treasure Trading Company. Note her truck’s new personalized plates.

For fluorescent mineral fans, there is some potential here but only with long wave using at least a nine watt lamp, preferably an 18 watt unit. A Super Bright should do nicely.

The slab below is unusually colorless, used chiefly for knapping or perhaps for strikers for flintlock rifles. More colorful pieces should show more. Visible light, long wave, short wave.


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