Alley Cat Allies

This is a picture of Skippy, from the front of the holiday card Alley Cat Allies (external link) sent this year. This non-profit specializes in helping feral cats, now often called community cats. The policy they advocate is called trap, neuter, and return or TNR. This action allows cats without a human home to live in surroundings they make for themselves.

This is far more humane and forward thinking than the ceaseless killing of cats at overcrowded shelters across the country. Besides their beautiful presence, I am sure that Skippy and his companions keep the rodent population down wherever they live. Here is what they say about Skippy:

“Skippy joined a colony nine years ago in Connecticut. He and all eleven of his feline friends have been neutered, vaccinated, and ear tipped. Connecticut is one of the few states that supports Trap-Nueter-Return by explicitly allowing state spay and neuter funds to help community cats.”

Although thousands of deserving non-profits exist, I would urge any cat owner to check the website of Alley Cat Allies (external link)  to learn more about their caring work. Thank you.

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