When you’re young, collecting knick-knacks, mementos, books, and everything related to different hobbies brings enjoyment. As you get older, the collective weight of that stuff drags. At some point you realize that someone else will have to get rid of it all when you’re gone. And who want to burden anyone with that?

Yesterday I began the first of many trips to Goodwill. My goal is to make a drop-off to a charity on each day of next week. I’ll keep my paintings as they still bring joy and I don’t want to look at bare walls while waiting for an end to all of this. Whenever that is.

My chief problem in finalizing things has been my cat. But the humane society that gave him to me said that I could give him back if things didn’t work out. Most importantly, I’ll give them a generous check for their trouble. Right now, this is sad, emotional work. But in the end, the right thing to do.

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