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When you’re young, collecting knick-knacks, mementos, books, and everything related to different hobbies brings enjoyment. As you get older, the collective weight of that stuff drags. At some point you realize that someone else will have to get rid of … Continue reading

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A Jumble of Colors from a Six Dollar Rock

These are extremely small vanadinite crystals, barely forming a red haze in a seemingly featureless six dollar rock from Arizona. Under the microscope, they present a wealth of red, with a few showing vanadinite’s true hexagonal crystals. Click on the … Continue reading

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Close Up Photography

Close up or macro photography is expensive and challenging. Never-the-less, it can bring to life specimens you’ve self-collected or bought at rock shops or over the internet. This is a picture of native copper. I bought the material for a … Continue reading

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Her Beautiful Death

Touching, tragic story of Toronto sculptor Gillian Genser, whose work with mussel shells is now killing her. “I spent 15 years sanding and grinding mussel shells to create my sculptures. Then I was diagnosed with heavy-metal poisoning.”

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New Post at

New post, simple yet vital for all wandering naturalists: I had the pleasure today of meeting Jim Boone, a professional ecologist who maintains, the definitive resource to outdoor life around Las Vegas: Jim was headed off to … Continue reading

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