Make Sure That You Warn Me If You’re Coming to Birmingham

Sorry, listening to The English Beat. “Jeanette.”

“No, no, no I’ll never forget you
Shared one last cigarette and swapped false addresses”

The English Beat had absolutely the best cover art of any 80’s band. To wit:

Speaking of art, I just bought four pounds of foreign language magazines at my local library. Discards, for a total of forty cents. One French and three Japanese. They’ll make great collage material if I get the urge again. Returning to that subject, I learned some lessons from my last hasty project. (internal link)

First, my materials should be pasted onto something firmer. Board, not construction paper or heavy cardboard. When I applied a gesso like material to seal my collage the underlying paper curled up and warped. Secondly, to keep thin or narrow pieces firmly in place, a glue stick won’t do. The whole project should be done in something like Elmer’s Glue or another substantial paste. More work, slower work, but better work.


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