Writing’s Hidden Time Bandit

As I continue my tour of the Southwestern United States, I am taking pictures by the score.  With two cameras, just in case I miss a shot with either one. The problem is that each image takes a judgment, to keep or throw away. Later, after that decision is made, another decision comes up: how best to process it.

All in all, a lot of decisions and ones that take hours and hours while on the road. Guess what’s even more distressing? The publisher might use only a handful of photos out of dozens presented. But an editor always wants more images, more choices, more possibilities. So, one has to keep clicking. Right now, I’ve done more photo work than writing on this trip.

It may be possible to save all that image work for later, when arriving back home. But I want to get this work out of the way, because writing takes thinking on, over days and days. I don’t have everything I want to write crystalized just yet. I add to my notebook with short jots, nothing lengthy. At the right time, maybe tomorrow, maybe next week, my thoughts will come together for the writing. For right now, more photos.

In Taos County, New Mexico

By thomasfarley01

Business writer and graphic arts gadfly.

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