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Upcoming Tour of Arizona and New Mexico

To research and take photographs for my book I am leaving soon for a week-long tour of Arizona and New Mexico. Click here for an interactive map of the places I hope to visit. Mad driving, impossible distances, too many things to do!

Don’t forget to visit for more details. And my Twitter handle is @thomasguyfarley if you wish to follow me on my tour.

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All The Things I Can’t Tell You!

I’m having all sorts of fun and sometimes terrifying experiences connected to writing my book. But I can’t post what I discover here because that content needs to go into the book. It’s very frustrating since I am used to sharing my writing life. Until I can figure out a compromise, here’s a photo of the railroad bridge at Afton Canyon, near the end of the Mojave River in San Bernardino County in California. If you plan to drive to the BLM campsite near the bridge in the near future, bring a 4WD with lockers. You’ll need them.

Oh, I may be sending my first Tweet soon.  I’ve connected my  SPOT X satellite messenger device to my Twitter account as I experiment with this new product. The Twitter link below this photograph should work if you’d like to follow.


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No Cookies Here!

This site has no cookies, ads, or popup promotions.

Cookies enable tracking, supposedly to enhance a user’s experience. Actually, they only benefit the website owner. A website host provides plenty of stats without cookies, such as the number of visitors and the pages that they viewed. Does one need more?  My portfolio site shows off my work and allows people to contact me. None of that should involve setting cookies.

Ads. Terrible things. The minuscule revenue they generate, if they make anything at all, look completely unprofessional. A portfolio site should sell  yourself and not a credit card, diet pill, or software. A free site with ads is no bargain.

Popup promotions. I’d be happy if you read my blog. So, I won’t annoy you with a  solicitation in the middle of your reading. There’s no call for that with an online resume or portfolio. I think it best if your creativity is calmly, quietly displayed. There’s too much hustle on the internet to add to it.


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A Wave That Would Drown The Whole World

A wave 200 feet high!? This photo was taken by Bob Wick of the Bureau of Land Management. It’s the image for the August page of BLM’s 2018 California calendar. Trinidad is in Redwood Country on California’s north coast. Sea level is beneath the bottom of the photograph. Although difficult to visualize, the cliff is 198 feet high. That’s twenty stories. The caption to the photo reads:

Trinidad Head, California Coastal National Monument

“Trinidad Lighthouse was first activated in December 1871. Perched 198 feet above the ocean on a dramatic clifftop, its most notorious event was a huge wave that struck the headland in the winter of 1914. Keeper Harrington, stationed on the head for 28 years, described an immense storm the likes of which he had never experienced. He watched an enormous wave approach until the sea itself fell over the top of the bluff and struck the tower on about a level with the balcony, making a terrible jar and disabling the light. Although no official measurement was made, this is still considered to be one of the largest reported waves in history.”

More on this amazing event here: Click on the photo for a larger image. Although the old lighthouse is not open to the public, the views are grand everywhere around Trinidad. Make sure to eat breakfast at the Seascape Restaurant. You’ll thank me.