Deceptively Simple Publicity Questions

My book is not due until August 1st, 2019. That’s one year, one month, eleven days, twenty-two hours, forty-eight minutes, and twenty-nine seconds away. (I checked.)

Prior to today, starting two or three weeks ago, publicity efforts began by the publisher. After I signed my contract they filed for an ISBN number, even though my book’s title has still not been finalized. And at that time I was asked for some initial information, nothing too daunting to compose. But look at these new questions.

These may take a day’s efforts to answer. I am not complaining of course, but encapsulating tersely or at length is always challenging. This is first impression stuff, the writing that will draw a reader in or send them running to a different title. More than that, you have to summarize, as Ian Frazier once said, in a ‘selling’ way.

1. Provide a 50- to 75-word description of the book (an elevator pitch, if you will).

2.  Provide a 300- to 400-word description that could be used for Amazon, back cover copy, sales materials, etc.

3. What titles do you consider to be competition for your book? (Include author, publisher, and date of publication, if you know them.)

4. Please list media professionals or experts related to your book’s topic who might provide advance quotes or reviews.

Once this is all done, I have to provide these elements. I have most of this done in the book proposal I submitted. Note the dreaded Author Bio. Third person or first? I prefer first:

Table of contents
Author bio
Author headshot

And then, eventually, when the materials are due:

Manuscript (front, book, end matter)
Potential cover photos
Interior photos
Photo captions

I best be off and writing. Wish me luck.

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