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I’ve been getting unsolicited e-mails from the Kimble Group (external link). I know nothing about them. But they are sending me the most relevant job postings of any service that I have experienced. And I am not paying for their daily, sometimes twice a day e-mails. Quite a few positions open for remote workers and freelancers. You may want to investigate them. No, this is not a paid recommendation.

It’s easy to complain about people being too attached to their cell phones. An assault at a train station recently occurred but there were no witnesses, everyone was looking down at their phones.

But we are creatures of information and most of us are always looking for something to read.

Things are much more intense today, of course, as our phones offer interactivity and constant change that newspapers cannot deliver. But we will continue to read, no matter the platform.

I continue to be mystified by Twitter. I don’t tweet, never have. I have an account so  I can research articles from time to time, but I don’t understand the attraction of posting. Why would I try to win an argument from  someone who can’t even spell? Nor do I get Instagram. It seems so much noise.

As I concentrate more and more on my writing, my appetite for extraneous everything gets less and less. I don’t have cable TV, I don’t watch The Voice, and I have never watched Survivor. Entertainment surely, but I find myself watching movies and old TV reruns instead.

I don’t know why this is so but perhaps long form content is less distracting than brief, highly episodic entertainment — short attention span stuff. And I feel a need to push away everything out of my writing routine that tries to push in. Or is it simpler than that? Do we just get less interested in popular culture as we get older? Any thoughts?

As a last note, you know when you’ve done too much editing when you change this kind of sentence:

“A silver Toyota Camry.”


“A silver colored Toyota Camry.”


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