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The Remarkable reMarkable

My first fleshed out scribble with the reMarkable drawing tablet. (external link) This is a 1,488 wide by 1,455 high pixel size image at 300 dpi. Images are exported as .png or .pdf files. I transferred this image by e-mail from the tablet over WiFi but a cable solution is possible. Since I can’t draw a straight line, electronically or otherwise, I chose something bent.

I’ve been disappointed with drawing tablets in the past, this solution seemed better, especially for drawing maps for my articles. I’m not convinced that this is the solution for that but I am enjoying the tablet for other reasons. It is a calming technology and I linger over it like people completing coloring books. While I’ve never believed in mindfulness or meditating, this tablet slows me down and lets me enjoy creativity in an slow, wandering way. I like it.

Making doodles or keeping notes always falls apart when it comes to erasing. With pen, impossible, with pencil, a mess. This tablet allows almost unlimited re-dos in a current session and it features layers so you can experiment with something daring without messing up your original work.


The image below was saved as a .png file. This is the full size of a document made with the tablet. It measures 6.15 inches wide by 8.21 inches high at a resolution of 228 pixels/inch. The shapes were done using templates ordered from Amazon. The stranger the better!

And just think what I can do when I get these templates:

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