Good Article on Submitting to Adobe Stock

I haven’t had any luck submitting photos to Adbobe Stock but I haven’t tried too hard. (internal link). Fstoppers today has an excellent article on the process (external link) which you should read if you are interested in selling your photographs. Tidbits like this are really good:

“If you’re reworking an old shot of a person who is easily recognized by themselves in the image or if the image is of any recognizable property, ticketed location, or a landscape such as a national park, you will need to go back and get model releases and/or property releases before Adobe will accept your shot. Property releases are a big deal. The last thing you, Adobe, or any buyer needs is a complicated legal situation over rights or a release. If you have shots that require it, take the time to get the release before starting to rework the image.”

Any ticketed location or recognizable property? Such a drag. Photography seems the essence of freedom yet releases work against that. I understand getting a release for any model  but ones for property? For more on this, read this post which I penned a while back. (internal link).

Speaking of photography, I continue to enjoy newsletters sent from this site: (external link)

It’s produced by Norwegian Kim Rormark and it’s excellent in every way about landscape photography. Highly recommended.

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