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Format Magazine Looking for Contributors

Format Magazine (external link) is an online presence which focuses on the visual arts. I find it inspiring to see photography which I can’t hope to match. Photography and art, like writing, takes practice and equipment and temperament and time.

While it may be fun to take a year off to study photography or Photoshop, there’s no way I could afford it. And practicing on my own, slowly, taking photographs for one article at a time, has achieved only workman-like results. Still, web sites like Format do give me inspiration and a look at a world I would not otherwise see.

Right now, Format is building what they call a Contributor List. I hope it’s not just a way to capture e-mail addresses. Here’s what their latest e-mail message read, in part:

We’re looking to build up a list of Format contributors. We’re seeking designers, photographers, and visual artists of all sorts to contribute content. We’re also on the lookout for writers with fresh perspectives on the worlds of art and design. Anyone is welcome to sign up. You don’t have to have been previously published or have an impressive CV. All we’re interested in is the quality of your work. We’re always looking to amplify emerging voices.

There doesn’t seem to be a link at Format to go directly to signup. I suggest getting on their e-mail list. If you’re worried about spam, get an e-mail account dedicated to your lists and signups. I’ve used (external link) in the past and I liked it.

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