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A Plea From Facebook for Editing Leads and My Response (You’ve Heard This Before)

I don’t have any leads, sorry. If you don’t have one, my best advice is to work on a website that shows off your writing and editing skills. You need an online portfolio that a potential employer can look at any time of day or night.

In years of pursuing freelance editing and writing work over the internet, I can say that online work is as difficult to find as employment in person. Perhaps more difficult because you are now competing with people across the country and perhaps the world, anyone with a net connection.

I’ve had success with and Craigslist. One area to look at in general are firms that employ overseas writers, people for whom English is a second language. Their copy always needs to be cleaned up, so that it appears to be written by a native speaker.

I wish that I could wave a magic wand for you and make those leads appear. But I am still searching for that wand myself. Persistence over time is what has produced leads.

Truthfully, I would make more money if I went back to retail sales, working at brick and mortar places that produce a regular paycheck. I’ve traded that certainty and income for the freedom of freelancing, however, and I am so far satisfied with my arrangement.

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