James Timothy Farley — 1955 to 2018

James Timothy Farley (Tim Farley), 62, of Eureka, California, passed away peacefully in Sacramento on January 1, 2018.

Tim was born on December 23, 1955 in Sacramento to James and Marlyn (Barnett) Farley. He was married on October 5, 1996 to Shannon ******. He is survived by Shannon, his wife of 21 years, and three brothers; Thomas and David of Las Vegas and William of Richmond, Virginia.

Tim loved music. He played the trombone, spun records, and volunteered annually at the Sacramento Jazz Festival during the festival’s golden years.

Tim loved the outdoors. He enjoyed navigating the Rubicon Trail in his ruby red Jeep, panning for gold, and gazing at the stars.

Tim loved sports. He was a fan of the San Francisco Giants for over fifty years, and enjoyed annual trips to San Francisco with Shannon to see his team take the field, first at Candlestick, and most recently at AT&T Park.

He and Shannon were regular fixtures in the box seats at the Ferndale Racing Track during the Humboldt County Fair. Tim was a marksman and also volunteered as a range safety officer for many years at the local gun range in Humboldt County.

Finally, Tim loved animals. He and Shannon and took in several abandoned cats in their neighborhood. Smokie, Stinky, Sugar, Kipper and Daisy will miss Tim’s caring touch.

Obituary written by William Curtis Farley. (Bill Farley)

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To Tims loving wife Shannon and to his brothers; I am so sorry for your loss. Tim was a good man. I worked with him at Humboldt County Child Support for 20 Years. We went through training together when we were both starting out. I remember him for his sense of humor and for his generous heart. Seven years ago, my son Nate was critically injured in an accident. I spent three months with Nate in a hospital in Las Vegas. I spoke to Tim on the phone right before The hospital was going to discharge Nate. I told Tim I was worried about transporting Nate on the 17 hour drive back to Eureka because he still could not walk or speak. Tim called me the next day and said he had discussed that with Shannon and that he was willing to fly to Las Vegas to drive me and Nate home. I did not end up taking him up on that offer but I will never forget Tim and Shannon’ s act of human kindness. Rest In Peace Tim,. I am here for you Shannon if you need anything. Cate Fini.

Kurt Pearsall posted a few stories about Tim on his facebook page. Below is a copy of the post:

Tim and I had crossed paths at music events before high school, but in the fall of our freshman year, two interactions made us friends. The first time was after school outside the music room in conversation I mentioned that I played golf and he said he wanted to learn how. So, off we went.

The second thing was in the the KVIE parking lot after the band made a fund raising appearance. Tim and I jammed on the blues for at least an hour or two. We had the blues in common.

Next thing that comes to mind is your Dad taking Tim and I to see the modern jazz quartet. I took black and white photos of the concert that lay around here somewhere.

The best story was my mom picking Tim and I up early from school to get good seats for the Maynard Ferguson concert at Oakmont High. We got there about 20 minutes after school had let out. We pulled in right behind Maynard’s bus and ended up helping carry in equipment and set up. No kids from Oakmont, just us. Maynard had me laying on a table teaching me breathing stuff. We got our first row chairs and waited. When the band teacher showed up, he kicked us out of the gym and we faced the end of a what had become a long line for the general seating. We were dejected but finally got back in, only to find the band guys held our front row seats for us. Tim had a huge microphone with the wire running down his sleeve to “conceal “ the illegal recording (anyone could see what was going on, even Maynard was checking it out). I took photos. Tim and I broke into the darkroom at Encina and exposed paper we hung on the wall to create some beautiful photos. I had Maynard autograph one and it still hangs on the wall above my piano. I see Tim in everything I do.

Shannon and Family, words cannot express my profound shock and sorrow. Tim was one of the good guys. I worked with him for over 20 years and we shared many conversations about our beloved Giants, most recently about the return of Pablo (and that he and Shannon could once again use their panda hats) and the retirement of Matt Cain. I am saddened that Tim was not able to retire as he had planned and spend time doing the things he loved. I will always remember the mini candy bars he would put with a file he wanted me to “make disappear”, his role as “Major Havoc” whilst organizing the office Mike’s Drive up (garlic fry) lunches, his Hello Kitty scrubs he wore and Orange Fridays. I will miss his loveable grumpiness, his genuine smile, his world famous cheesecake and the man himself. Rest well dear Tim. I know you will have the best view ever at ATT park. Much love.

Shannon, Thomas, David and William: I am so sorry for your loss. I had the pleasure of working with Tim for 20 plus years at the Department of Child Support Services. He was truly a friend and will be missed greatly by a lot of people. Tim had a wonderful sense of humor. Some of the things I will never forget about him are, one of his famous lines which was ” I’m taking my baby to Winco”.This was Tim and Shannon’s weekly shopping trip. I will also remember his famous cheese cakes. People paid big bucks for slices of the cake when Tim donated them for a raffle. Who could forget his trips to Mikes Garlic Fries on special occasions, the entire office smelled like garlic. College Basketball season was always a mad dash to complete your brackets and get them into Tim on time. What about his beloved Rubicon Jeep. I loved the pictures he shared of his trips. I think his biggest love in life ( besides Shannon) were his cats. If man is dog’s best friend then Shannon and Tim were cat’s best friends. Tim was an amazing man, he gave my granddaughter his childhood bedroom furniture and for that I will be forever grateful. I retired a few years ago and Tim gave me a wonderful cookbook which I will always cherish. Tim I am so sorry you were unable to retire and live out your golden years like you deserved. You have made many friends in this world and will not be forgotten. Rest in Peace My Friend. Your friend always Tami Curry

Tim was one of my favorite coworkers I’ve ever had and I’m grateful to have known him. I echo what others have shared about his amazing sense of humor, kindness and love of animals. Whenever he had an appointment with the dental hygienist, he’d declare, “I always eat oreo cookies first. They really like that.” I’m deeply saddened to hear of his passing far too soon. He made his part of the world a better place. My condolences to Shannon, Thomas, David, and William.

Shannon I am so sorry for your loss. I had the pleasure of working with Tim for over 10 years and I have to say he was one of my favorite people to work with and talk to about anything and everything. You guys made alot of good memories together and everyone who worked with Tim has a lot of good memories of him.

I worked with Tim for years at child support. He was a great advocate for kids trying mightily to establish and enforce child support orders. He was always ready to assist in last minute evidence needed for litigation. He was a “go to guy” for me and other lawyers in our group. So nice and so professional—what a great loss for all of us who had the privilege of working and knowing Tim. It is a sad day for me and others. He was there for the kids and stood firm on his commitment to help kids. God bless him for all the good work and kindness.

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