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I’m Moving!

After less than two years in Las Vegas, I am moving out of my present apartment complex to new quarters. I’ll be in the Las Vegas community of Summerlin. My new place promises to be much quieter, giving me a better opportunity to think and write. I’ll be checking my e-mail when I can but my responses may be delayed more than usual. Wishing you peace where you live, Thomas

BTW, this article by Judith Fein distills the horror of moving pretty well. Here’s a paragraph and a link to the article:

 If you are anxious and have moved recently or are preparing to move, you probably know the torture of making endless lists; having your mind go viral when you try to sleep; facing the uncertainty of how you will get all that you own into cartons; walking around your current digs looking at all that has to be done; facing the fear that you won’t get it done by moving day; trying to figure out what to keep and what to toss and why you may need the things you want to toss; wondering who is there for you and whom you can count on; dealing with change, even if it is positive; being exhausted physically and mentally and emotionally; making decision after decision after decision; feeling overwhelmed by lack of organization; letting go the comfort and familiarity of your current space; nameless, real and imagined worries.

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