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Current Clichés and Ugly Words

Can we please avoid these? Ready made words and phrases are poor substitutes for expressing real ideas. If, in fact, there is a real idea to be expressed.


game changer

Get your game face on.

killing it

bringing it


disruptive technology

Taking it to a whole new level.

Thinking out of the box.

The new normal.

At the end of the day.

The X is the new Y. As in, Orange is The New Black. Fifty is the new forty. And so on.

best practices

double down

iconic (internal link)

Speak truth to power.

issues (instead of saying problems)



buzzed driving

takeaway. As in, taking away the best idea — although I have used this word.


He made a statement with that play.

bail. As in, “I’m going to bail.”

A boatload of money.

The real deal.


Just saying.

That’s on you.

Developing country. (What’s wrong with third-world?)



body shaming

fat shaming

gender shaming

Go for it.

I got this.




dropped. As in, “Her new album just dropped.”

rocking. As in, “Rocking that t-shirt.”


thing. As in, “Designer popcorn is a thing.”

good to go

like a boss

throwing shade



get my head around it

processing. As “I am still processing that thought.”


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I agree with you: language deserves being used in a precise fashion.

There’s an interesting (at least for me) but, though. I though about this after watching a Youtuber I enjoy. This guy is particularly good at talking: he has charisma, and can go on and on about any topic for hours if it need be. And the reason? He uses “cliches”. But what I mean is: instead of using language in a word-to-word way, he uses language in an “expression-to-expression” way, almost. And that’s precisely what lets him talk this effectively!

I thought that it was similar to the concept of “chunk”:

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