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Physical Books Making a Comeback. At Least in The UK.

The Telegraph has an interesting read today. Hardcopy books are coming back into style. It reminds me of vinyl records enjoying a resurgences. I think, though, that there’s little hope for hardcopy books in general as the “shelfie” trend the writer describes would favor boutique presses and handcrafting publishers. There is a forecast, however, for e-books to drop in sales as people turn away from screens. That might be the biggest take-away from the article.

E-books Sales to Drop as Bookshelf Resurgence Sparks ‘Shelfie’ Craze

by Katie Morley, Consumer Affairs Editor

Bookshelves are making a comeback in living rooms as a “shelfie” interior design craze is sweeping the UK.

Brit’s increasing desire to show off their personality and intellect through their book collections is boosting book sales, but will see sales of e-books fall for the first time ever, consumer analysts have predicted.

According to Mintel sales of physical books are forecast to rise by 6 per cent this year to £1.7 billion while sales of e-books are predicted to fall by 1 per cent to £337 million in 2017. . . .

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