Organizing Thoughts

Organizing one’s thoughts in a straightforward manner is key to any successful nonfiction magazine article. You start with a loose assemblage of ideas, then you add to that collection when you do your research. One idea leads to another. Facts build on facts. Eventually, you put a hundred different points together in a cohesive way. It’s the same way with a book. Just a much bigger job.

I’ve done a little more research on writing a Nevada Almanac. Based on the California Almanac I described in a previous post (internal link), I came up with a preliminary table of contents. See the image below. That framework may indeed encourage me to follow through with this passion project. With contributors helping, I may be able to write the book in one or two year’s time. It would take away time from my paid work, however, perhaps I could economize for the length of the writing. I am still thinking about it. And yes, Nevada’s Pyramid Lake is considered a fishery.


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