Moving Again

After less than two years of living in the Las Vegas neighborhood of Spring Valley, I am moving again. I am going to an apartment complex in nearby Summerlin. The problem is smoke. And the drug culture. And everything that flows with the drug culture like crime. It wasn’t a surprise that my pot smoking neighbors’ apartment was broken into just last month, despite this being a gated and guarded community. But I am getting ahead of myself.

Now that marijuana smoking is legal in Nevada, most apartments are letting their tenants smoke weed without restriction. But unlike cigarette smoke, the stench of marijuana can pass as easily through my apartment’s thin walls as noise. My present apartment may, in fact, have a shared ventilation system with my neighbors. I don’t know about that. What I do know is that I am having to flee from the safe space I used to call home.

These are two Yelp Reviews I recently posted.


Apartment management is completely unable to deal with the pot smoking neighbors that I have had. My last three neighbors have been pot smokers, filling up my apartment with smoke at all hours. Management contends they have the right to smoke, I contend I have the right to breathe clean air. The pot smokers are being taken care of but not me. Me, I have been told I can give a 30 day notice and move out.

I do enjoy this place but I am bitterly angry with how the management will not support me, a good tenant, while letting the potheads and druggies fill my apartment with smoke. The whole world has turned crazy. I am an inoffensive tenant with a cat. I don’t bother anyone. But I am not being supported.

I have the right to clean air in my apartment! I have the right to clean air in my apartment! I have the right to clean air in my apartment! What if I had a young child? A baby? What if I had asthma? I have the right to clean air in my apartment!


I am now having to move out of my nice apartment. The other night found me sleeping on my couch because pot smoke in my bedroom was horrific. The next night I spent a hundred dollars at a hotel to get some sleep. Management wouldn’t even call the offender. All management does is place a paper notice on their door the day after.

I will now spend four hundred dollars more a month to live in a senior community that cares about the rights of people who are not druggies. At The Resort at The Lakes, I have no right to clean air in my apartment. The people who are smoking weed are in charge. Peaceful people like me can’t use their whole apartment and have to move out. Damn them all!

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