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A Book Without Words: Art Deco Borders by Ted Menten

I’ve always loved the Dover Clip-Art Series Books. You can still find them at your local used book store or at on-line book stores like (external link). I bought three today: Advertising Art in The Art Deco Style, Art … Continue reading

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Nevada Northern Railway Museum Workshop and Trains

I recently visited the Nevada Northern Railway Museum in Ely (eee lee), Nevada. A small admission fee allows you to wander the several workrooms of the repair shop and engine barn. Restoration is ongoing on engines, a caboose, and boxcars. … Continue reading

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Google Makes You Think You Are More Popular Than You Are

Google’s search engine may place your posts and pages higher in returns on your machine than anyone else’s. ¬†If I search for “creative nonfiction,” for example, I find two of my posts listed on their first page of returns. If … Continue reading

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It’s guilt edged glamorous and sleek by design

It’s easy to dismiss the Eurythmics as the¬†Captain & Tennille of the 80’s. At her best, Annie Lennox was a female David Bowie. Keats never wrote anything better about love than she did. (Credit also attributed to David Allan Stewart.) … Continue reading

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The Bible According to Quentin Tarantino

Director Tarantio is known for reimagining many things, perhaps most famously for his reimagined ending of World War II in Inglorious Basterds. But I like the most what he did with the Bible in Pulp Fiction. In that film, the … Continue reading

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Estimating Nonfiction Book Sales – One Example

I’ve been in touch with a book publisher about an idea I have for a Nevada travel book. He asked me to work up some figures. How many copies would it sell? Not knowing any way to estimate, I spent … Continue reading

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X And 1980

In 1967, the Doors debuted their first album. On that record was “Soul Kitchen.” In 1980, X took that sedate bit of poetry about Morrison’s favorite restaurant and put lighted gasoline on it. It’s too bad YouTube has wretched audio … Continue reading

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