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Will Robots Take Your Job? (external link) contradicts what I’ve read previously. Most articles suggest that writing is subject to automation, however, this site says otherwise.

But, depressingly, the site also informs us that there are only 44,690 people employed as writers in the United States. Out of a population of 321 million. Writers are defined as those “that originate and prepare written material, such as scripts, stories, advertisement, and other material.”

By this definition I must assume they mean full time, self-supporting writers because they say their average wage is $61,240 a year. Really? Who makes that money?

The only way I can understand that income is if these writers are employed by the government, Forbes 500 companies, or by major union newspapers. All the writers I know are struggling, most do not make a living with their writing.

By the way, watch out technical writers. Technical writers are excluded in the above category. For technical writers, they say there is a danger of robots taking over.

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