My YouTube Video on Dividing Agapanthus Has Hit 65,000 Views

In April 2014 I posted my first and only fully realized YouTube video. It was on dividing agapanthus, a popular ornamental of temperate climes. It took quite a bit of work to produce it, and its not especially meritorious, production wise, but people like it. Here’s the question: should I do more gardening videos?

For context, click throughs from the video to my blog have been few. Perhaps twenty clicks over three years. Making money from videos doesn’t appeal; I’d be chasing pennies. Yet the videos are ten times more popular than my blog site, if you count hits. Still, what would be the goal if I were to do more?

The video was an experiment, another skill for me to develop as a freelancer. Please take the poll if you would like to advise me.


Link to my original post in 2014 (external link)

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