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Taking an Online Course in Writing Poetry and Fiction Through the Writers Studio

For ten weeks I am going to try to learn basic steps in writing poetry and fiction. This is new to me. The online course I have signed up for is offered through the Writers Studio, which is based in Greenwich Village. This was a selling point, as New York City fields so many strong writers.

The cost for this first course if $450, which is about what other schools and studios charge, although you can spend double that if you enroll at Stanford. The other online program recommended to me was The Loft which is based in Minneapolis. Berkeley Extension offers a poetry program but only in person.

As a nonfiction writer I have had the barest glances with fiction and poetry.  As a reader, like everyone else, I have experienced both but I have never approached them from the point of  a creator. I am eager to learn something new. I am Alice, pursuing the rabbit.

Link to the course at the (external link)

Link to The Loft (external link)

My experience with Berkeley Extension’s Creative Nonfiction course (internal link)

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