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Open Yale Courses: The World Awaits

Do you know about Open Yale Courses? I’m just finding out. They present a variety of subjects for anyone to view without fees or registration. It’s a marvelous resource. Consider the lectures on English modern poetry. Not only do you have the video of a learned professor, you have the transcripts of a course if you wish to read instead. It gets better.

Handouts in .pdf are provided for each lecture and the 55 minute videos are broken out as chapters, so you can skip ahead to what interests you. For example, in Lecture 10 on Modern Poetry, the introduction to T.S. Eliot is at 10:32, and the discussion of Prufrock begins at 25:00. Recommended readings are at the top right of every lecture page.

This is not an online class in the sense that you get graded and receive credit, it is instead a wonderful example of the best the internet can be: dedicated people communicating their knowledge free of charge to anyone wanting to listen. Open Yale courses overview Modern English poetry

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