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Approving Edits

My creative nonfiction essay entitled “Describing The Elephant” is moving toward publication. Temenos (internal link) will carry it in their Spring 2017 edition. I received a manuscript with suggested corrections and I approved all of them. This is no time for ego.

I’ve said many times before that every writer needs an editor. And the editor, sometimes several of them, knows their publication best and what works well for their magazine’s style. The edits I approved today did not require any major revisions, which is often what you will have to do. My two articles for American Heritage publications required three substantial rewrites.

In the end, do you really want to contest things like this?

Original: Everyone thought him crazy.

Corrected: Everyone thought he was crazy.

I like a terse writing style with little punctuation. But I won’t battle for that in every line of my writing. Putting out an article or essay is a collaborative exercise. Tememos has 17 years of publishing behind them. I greatly respect that. They accepted my article with enthusiasm and took it upon themselves to improve it. With both our efforts, we’ll have a winning story.


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