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Back From The California State Library

I’m back in Nevada, having returned from research at the California State Library in Sacramento. I scanned fifty or so Delaplane (internal link) columns in case I want to self publish an anthology or produce a different book proposal than the one I have been submitting. It’s now just a question of time.

The archivists have well preserved each Delaplane column. They are arranged alphabetically by subject put into folders. Each newspaper column has been cut out and stapled to archival paper. The columns are fifteen or sixteen inches long when laid flat and they require multiple shots from my iPhone’s camera to allow the scanning software to capture an entire column. The scanning software produces .pdf’s.

Depending on the quality of the original, and this varies considerably, it can take a little to a lot of work to clean up a column. The following is a raw result from a good file:

Year of the Crisis OST PEOPLE Wil’l look back on 1962 as the year of the Crisis. However, many have overlooked somethm’g I consider much more significant. It was the first year they had an office party for dogs.I MEAN a crisis you can pass. But social significance— e. forward stride in the status-seeking of dogs—— that is with us for evermore. The party was held in Lincoln, Rhode Island. Small- J; est State in the Nation but}: one of the bigger events. ‘ It was held by the Companion Dog Traim‘ng Club. l You will want to knowl who won the flr’st prize for: fancy dress. And I can tell you. It was Wiggle Waggle, a poodle from East Greenwich. Wiggle Waggle was full-dressed as a concert pianist. He wore a white tie, top hat and tails. His own and the one on the rented dress suit, which is more than most concert {zigzziust‘s can claim. 0 .OOOOIOOOOOOOOOOOOOIOOO. (7C%é”} VA O.‘…OOOOOOOOOOIOOO. CIODO *,* ‘k *** NATURALLY, the other dogs at the party were mad with jealousy. They barked politely. But they added slyly.- “Hey, Wiggle Waggle. What do you do for an encore?” _ Wiggle Waggle could not sit down at the piano and bust out with Grie’g’s Piano Concerto in A. However. he went right off stage for a quick change. When he came back, he was dressed as a baby. He was wheeled around in a baby, carriage pushed by a toy poodle name of C’est Si Bonne. ‘ ‘ ‘ ’

That’s just half a column. To correct the file, I put the original .pdf file on my right side monitor. I then paste the .pdf text into a Word document and make corrections using my center monitor. The .pdf files are pretty easy to read but getting them into publishable form is truly an investment in time. A half hour a piece might be a good estimate.

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