Temenos Journal Is Publishing My First Creative Nonfiction Essay!

The Temenos Journal – light up the unconscious – will publish my first piece of creative nonfiction in their Summer 2017 edition. This essay was the last paper I wrote for the UC Berkeley Extension creative nonfiction workshop I took last year.

Temenos is based out of Central Michigan University in Mount Pleasant, Michigan. The journal has been publishing for 17 years. As they put it,

The Greek word “temenos” refers both to the ancient Greek concept of sacred space and the Jungian ‘safe spot’ where one may bring the unconscious into the light of consciousness. Our mission is to bring to light works that are engaging, memorable, and fearless.

Okay. I’m not sure my essay measures up to all that, but I am thrilled to be appearing in a literary review. Eight other journals and reviews rejected the piece, but my essay has finally found a home. I’ll be working on edits with their staff soon and I’ll keep you informed.

What is creative nonfiction? (internal link)

Temenos (external link)


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