Sunday Fun With The Paranoid Parrot

I’ve always enjoyed the Paranoid Parrot meme. (external link) Here’s my try at it, with a few lines poached from other people. On a serious note, look at how I captioned each image. Not only does that allow the seeing impaired to better understand what’s being presented, it lets search engines more easily index my content. I need to do more captioning in the future.

Send important query. Check sent file. Twice.
Not sure on grammar. Completely change sentence.
No response to query. Check spam folder. Three weeks too late.
Double space or single space? 1.5
No red underline on long, complicated word. Type nonsense to see if spellcheck still works.
No response to query. Send test message — the three different e-mail accounts.
Save file to Dropbox. Save file to hard drive. Save file to external hard drive.
Working on professional looking website. Delete paranoid parrot references.

By thomasfarley01

Business writer and graphic arts gadfly.

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