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Finding Your Way With QR Codes

In my Rock&Gem Magazine articles I supply GPS coordinates for sites lacking a street address. Here’s a common example, this one leading to a noteworthy monument in Catheys Valley, California:

N 37° 26.292 W 120°05.177

This approach is practical but not completely convenient. Punching the right numbers and letters on a navigation device can be tricky and time consuming. How about replacing or supplementing those numbers and letters with a QR code?

I got the QR code below by first going to Google Maps and entering the GPS coordinates. That pulled up a map and with it a very long URL. Next, I went (external link), which produced this hash which my smart phone QR app can read.

Success! This 300X300 pixel image was easily detected by my QR reader. In reality, in print, where detail is much finer, it is possible the QR code could fit into a space an inch wide and an inch across if printed at 300 dpi. QR images can be put into colors and even have logos and brands in their design. A terrific way to make navigation convenient.

The Nevada Department of Transportation uses QR codes on their maps. Very cool.

Just one of many amazing designs now produced.

I know you wanted to see the monument. 🙂

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