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Trying to Find a Private Foundation

There hasn’t been enough interest in my Nevada agriculture book proposal so I am turning to private foundations for help. This is unexplored territory for me.

I know that foundations and large corporations are run by boards of directors. These boards meet infrequently so I could be waiting a long time for them just to get together. Also, each board or foundation has different rules for entertaining proposals. Some foundations are off the web, requiring hardcopy materials and conventional correspondence.

It hasn’t been all bad for Nevada Agriculture Past and Present. One press said they’d like to see a scholarly monograph of Nevada’a agricultural history but they weren’t interested in current practices. Another group expressed initial enthusiasm but has now changed their minds. I continue to work on the website devoted to the proposal. (external link)

Are you in Nevada and seeking a private foundation for your project? A kindly soul sent me this four year old .pdf. As they explained, contact people may be different, but most phone numbers and street addresses should still be good. Click here (internal link) or on the image to get the file.



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