Tools of The Trade? A C.B. Radio For the Truck.

I had a Citizens Band radio installed in my truck yesterday. It gives me another way to communicate in areas where cell service is sketchy or non-existent. CB does not usually connect to the telephone network but you can call other radio users for help in an emergency.

The main users of CB are truckers, the Jeep community, people in recreational vehicles, and any group that is caravanning or driving in a convoy. The rockhounds and prospectors I know all communicate with CB when they are driving to a collecting site.

The unit I bought was recommended by the professional installer. It’s Uniden Pro 520XL, less than $40 on Amazon. But I say to buy it from whoever puts it in, or whatever radio they recommend. Any radio needs to be professionally installed, with special attention paid to antenna selection and to making secure wire connections.

You can find installers at certain truck stops. I went to Kelly’s C.B. Radio Repair (external link) in North Las Vegas and he did a fine job. His entire shop, including shelves of new and used equipment and a long repair bench, is in an old RV. Installed price was $210 which included the radio, antenna, an external speaker, and all the wiring.


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