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A Poetry Indulgence about A Good Cat Gone

Back in the mid-1990s I adopted, sight unseen, a large black cat named Montel. At the time, that was the name, too, for a popular African-American television talk show host. Who would name a cat Montel? Some things are inexplicable.

I didn’t rename Montel, in fact, I never thought of doing so. But that name raised eyebrows with everyone Montel met. I wrote a little ditty in metered verse about him around the year 2000. Since then I have had no desire to write poetry again.

Montel’s a Lug

“Montel’s a lug!”, I’ve heard it’s said, the neighbors say it’s true
But a lug is something heavy, something slow and clumsy, too

Montel is somewhat overweight but goodness aren’t we all?
Instead he’s quick and pretty slick, a cat that just won’t stall

He’s quick as summer lightning when the food dish hits the floor
Jumps right back like Fred Astaire, to miss the icebox door

Call him Beezelbub or Wysiwyg or even Husker Du
But not a lug, on no, dear friend, a lug will just not do

A rapscallion pure and simple, he’s equipped with all the tools:
A tooth filled jaw and awesome claws; a mouth that barely drools

He’s the essence of a gato, although he lacks a tail
But where he lost it no one knows, although some think in jail

So keep that lug for lug nuts, or for lugs of pears and peach
But don’t tack it on to Montel for politeness you will breach

Lift your voice in song and praise for a cat that’s oh so true
A tough old mug, a kindly thug, but not a lug to you!


By thomasfarley01

Business writer and graphic arts gadfly.

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