When Is Determination Insanity?

A popular saying is that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Then what would you make of Jack London who suffered 600 rejections before getting his first story accepted?

Van Gogh created over 900 paintings. He sold one. Perhaps he’s a bad example since he was mentally ill. But is that what it takes? Mental illness? Louis L’Amour received 300 rejections. While writing for eight years, Alex Haley received 200 consecutive rejections.

“Life is short and art is long and success is very far off.” So said Joseph Conrad. It seems right to persist for art. But, again, for how long?

The Red Vineyards near Arles by Vincent Van Gogh


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Freelance writer specializing in outdoor subjects, particularly rocks, gems and minerals.
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