A New Year, A New Gig

I’ve been picked up as a contract writer for Catalogs.com. It’s another writing gig and another income stream I’m happy to have. I found out about them through Flexjobs.com (internal link). Catalogs.com provides a list of topics to write on as well as keywords for each article.

Catalogs.com is pretty straightforward. They are a clearing house for hundreds of internet and hardcopy catalogs. Each seller has a page at Catalogs.com and a link to their main website. Informational articles such as I write have links to different merchants in the Catalogs.com portfolio.

I get a byline and a bio and some money for each article I write. Their staff is very tolerant of questions and allowing for different writing styles. I’m able to write with humor which helps make writing more fun. Check out my first article here (external link). The screenshot below is just part of the article.



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