HistoryNet.com Accepting Submissions

HistoryNet.com (external link) is a magazine portal and information hub. Its proprietors publish nine hardcopy magazines and the site itself features articles covering a vast swath of American and international history.

The site is now accepting short articles on almost any history subject. They’re not paying at this time, however, that shouldn’t stop you if you are interested in resume building and getting writing credits. In particular, I think a writing credit here should look good if you are trying to break into one of their magazines. Here’s how they put it:

Have something compelling to say? Looking to get published? Let us know! HistoryNet is the world’s largest history publisher and an ideal place for aspiring journalists and history enthusiasts to get published. With 2+ million monthly readers we are actively seeking new grassroots content contributors for a wide variety of topics and periods in history – anything from the ancient pyramids to the cold war. You could even become a regular contributor with your own contributor page! Email us at submissions@historynet.com!

I queried them and received this additional information:

HistoryNet.com is now accepting article and video content submissions.

Submissions can cover history, current events, news, and interviews with relevant subjects.

We encourage submitters to explore the historical or current events that interest them most.

Submissions are not limited to American and military history – rather, we encourage submissions from global perspectives and varied historical periods. Get creative!

HistoryNet takes pride in its unbiased, objective delivery of historical material as a means to educate and inspire. As such, we will not accept personal memoir, opinion pieces, or subjective personal narratives. Video submissions must be no longer than 20 minutes.

Text submissions should be: around 500-1000 words Double-space, type-written and a title that is both eye-catching and factual.

500 to 1000  words shouldn’t take you long to write, even with well done research. Although you are not paid, submitting an article could be well worth your time.

My brother was published in their Wild West Magazine last year and he reports they treated him well. Perhaps you should get to know this publishing house if you have an ardent bent for history.

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