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Musings on Book Proposals

On Saturday I went to my favorite used bookstore in Las Vegas, Amber Unicorn Books.(external link) As always, the same thought kept coming back to me as I looked over their heavily discounted book section: what publisher could have possibly approved these titles? How did these religious screeds, doubtful economic tracts, and tepid historical romances find a home? I know about Grumpy Cat. But is he really popular enough to merit a book series?

Right now I have two book proposals outstanding. Two book ideas I feel strongly should merit as much consideration as “the sacred aspects of indigenous, historical psychotropic and herbal healing beers of the world,” or “the time-honored traditions of Asian pickling.” I don’t mean to demean other authors. But it is easy to get discouraged when you see other ideas succeed while yours fail.

Years ago I saw the title below in a used book store. A few months later I saw another copy. This book has gone on to a second edition, and, if the cover art can be believed, now has a million copies in print. It seems there is a market for anything. Perhaps, then, two more?


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