Experimenting With Online Maps

I’m experimenting with an online mapping tool. It seems promising. It’s at (external link) and requires only the barest knowledge of Excel. It took me just five minutes to figure out what I needed to do.

I’d like to show you on this webpage what the map looks like but WP is not playing nice with the source code. Go to (external link — my site) to see how the page looks there. Click on the full screen link at the bottom to get a screen-wide picture.

Notice how the Moapa Valley and the Armagosa Valley have added detail when you click on their markers? This is where modifying the provided Excel template comes in. I think I can add as much information I need, simply by establishing a heading in the spreadsheet and then filling in the cells below it.

The pay service at BatchGeo is too expensive for what I want. For now, I’ll live with ad placements. Don’t forget to play with the satellite view. You can see center pivot irrigation near Dyer, NV. It’s location “A”. Center pivot produces the big green crop circles you see from an airplane.





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