Ghostwriting for an Online Dating Service?

Through (internal link) I applied for a part-time writing position at ViDA, Though I didn’t get hired, I think the experience was fun and fair.

ViDA sells men on “Done For You Online Dating,” with ghostwriters handling most of the correspondence with women. The goal is to present the often busy man as witty, humorous, and articulate. At least online.

The writing test lasts 90 minutes although I finished early. You write a sample profile for a hypothetical man, relying on the information ViDA gives you about him. The details are abridged from a real client.

I soon realized the tone of their materials is conversational and quite informal, which my writing style is not. Never-the-less, I completed what they asked since any open writing test like this should be done without complaint. I have some pointers should you decide to take their test.

Their test materials are centered around Google docs, so use Chrome as your browser for best results. You’ll find a number of tabs and windows open as you move through the test, so by all means use a computer with a second monitor. If you aren’t using a second monitor for your desktop, this is a good time to think about it. (internal link). You’ll be faster and more efficient in everything you do.

Again, I didn’t pick up any work. But they did e-mail me just five hours after the test to tell me their decision. This is far better than 95% of the freelance sites out there, whose only response to your efforts is silence.

As I mentioned, I picked up the job link at Although I was initially happy with their site, their automated picking service is not reliable. The object is to e-mail you job links that fit your profile but in practice it just doesn’t work. It’s better to manually paw through links at their website and not let their algorithm decide what looks good. They lately sent me a link to a nursing job and also to a teaching position that required Mandarin Chinese. I’m talented, but not that talented. 🙂




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