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Art is Long and Life is Short . . .

How do you handle waiting while you are working on your art? (And believe me, it is art if you are dedicated to your craft.) I handle waiting by continuing to write, even without knowing if my effort will pay off. It’s not easy waiting.

Right now I waiting on more work from my Vancouver employer. I am also waiting to hear about an essay I submitted to a literary review. A publishing house has a book proposal I sent in and I am looking forward to a response on my search for a co-author for another book.

I think about Van Gogh. He produced more than 900 paintings yet sold only one. He was in anguish over his poverty and his inability to show any money for them. Literally a starving artist. Have you read Letters of Vincent van Gogh? It’s a great book and worth finding. These letters to his brother are also online. (external link)

While we’re not geniuses like van Gogh, and it’s doubtful any museums will be built to remember us, we can honor his spirit by continuing to develop our skills, even if no one notices us. After all, we have to do something while we wait.


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