Getting Your Photo In Google’s Search Results — Some Hints

Google is adding author photos more routinely to search results if I am correct. See the first screen shot below. Google is quick. That Delaplane blog entry was posted on September 17th and the search result was live on the 18th. But how do you get your photo to appear? Certainly you do not see as many author photos as in years past.

I’ve written on this before (internal link). Search result image pictures are wrapped up in the larger topic of rich snippets (external link), of which Google authorship (internal link) was its predecessor. You make your web page technically friendlier to search. This can get really complicated. Don’t get lost and seek out a webmaster for help.

Your first step, though, should be to set up a profile in Google Plus (external link) and then link that  to your blog. Google Plus very much wants to drive people to their service. Note the URL in the first screen shot. That URL doesn’t link to my blog directly but instead to my Google Plus page. It’s there you’ll see the second image and a link to my blog.

I’m not convinced Google will always associate your photo with their search results but these steps are the only way to make it possible. Google needs to verify that you are the owner of a site and then they need a photo to go along with it. It’s a vetting process. I’m convinced search results with photos produce more clicks. And with everyone competing for eyeballs, I think this process is worth the effort.



Google search result with picture and link to Google Plus.


Google Plus web page and link to my site.


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