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A New Venture — Seeking a Co-Writer

For my book on Nevada agriculture I’ll need a qualified co-writer. I want to approach the University of Nevada Press but I am a non-academic and I have no college degree. What to do?

I prepared a working sample chapter. I then sent it off to two professors who had written a book similar to what I had in mind. I asked the professors for their recommendations or referrals. The sample chapter took quite a bit of effort but I thought it necessary. Ordinarily, with a book proposal, you would not do any layout or formatting. Your proposal would be on single sided paper, double spaced.

I think to find a co-writer, however, I need a different approach. I think by making up a working chapter, including maps and photos, that I bring my idea to life far better than by just sending a text file. If I do indeed find a co-writer then I can submit my book proposal to a publishing house in exactly the form they desire. First things first.

I’ve never worked with another writer on any of my projects so this will be a learning experience. Can all the details of a book be handled by e-mail or will face to face meetings be required? Could meetings be done with Skype? I personally favor e-mail, if I can go off on a tangent.

I find writing down thoughts is more productive than free-wheeling in face to face meetings. You can compose yourself better when you are forced to order sentences. You have time to respond with e-mail. In meetings you have to come up with a thought immediately. With writing you can think awhile. But I ramble.

E-mail or leave a comment if you have done any collaborative writing. I look forward to what you have to say.



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