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Does Video Look Better at YouTube or Through WordPress?

My dividing agapanthus video now has over 45,000 views. (internal link) It’s clear that people like the video. And  even clearer only a handful have followed its link to Still, video is popular.

To support my upcoming book proposal I am launching a website. It’s designed to add content not available in the book. Like the sometimes dozens of photos I take on a road trip. Only one or two photographs from a trip might get printed. The rest can be put up as a slide show. See below.

Right now I am testing whether this experimental video looks better on YouTube or WordPress. Both hosts compress video. So I am eager to see which video looks better. There is hope, even if both video choices look poor. My new website can host the videos directly, with no compression done. But for now, take a look at the two choices.


Here it is at YouTube:

Here it is hosted by WordPress:



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