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Age Discrimination

It may be foolish to complain about things you can’t control but it may be equally foolish to ignore things that are totally egregious. Business Insider (external link) has the story of a top Apple engineer who retired and then later applied for a Genius Bar job at an Apple store. He didn’t get the gig.

JK Scheinberg worked for Apple for 21 years. He oversaw the transition of the Mac from Motorola chips to Intel. He got the Mac operating system to run on a PC in less than three hours. But he couldn’t get the job at an Apple store, where he was twice as old as everyone else in the group interview. I feel his pain.

My resume dates me. You can tell I am an older worker. A few weeks ago I applied to a company that generates content for law firms. They blog and create practice area pages. Just what I do for my Vancouver employer. They also wanted reporting skills. Which I have as a newspaper writer. They also wanted previous experience with law firms. Which I have, since I have formal paralegal training and because I have worked in-house for a number of law offices. No response.

Perhaps the company I applied for filled the position. Perhaps they will contact me when something opens up. But lacking any communication I can only suspect that something else is going on. This may not be professional. I should probably not dwell on it. But I am only human.




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