My First Literary Review Submission

Update: 10/19/2016. Essay rejected.

I’ve made my first literary review submission. It was to the prestigious Bellevue Literary Review (external link). My essay is in the personal memoir genre, something entirely new to me. I was introduced to this field through the Creative Nonfiction Workshop that I took recently. (internal link) My essay is broadly on the topic of mental health.

The review publishes twice a year so it will be months and months before I find out if they like my piece. How does one handle such a wait? As always, by continuing to write. Right now I continue to work on my second book proposal. To do research for it I am driving today to Sandy Valley in Clark County, a remote bit of agriculture in Nevada. If this book proposal is accepted I will be traveling all over the state.

I am also learning Adobe’s InDesign, as cryptic and powerful a page layout program as you’ll ever find. But that’s a subject for another post. Keep writing.

“Bellevue Literary Review is a unique literary magazine that examines human existence through the prism of health and healing, illness and disease. Each issue is filled with high quality, easily accessible poetry, short stories, and essays that appeal to a wide audience of readers. Because of the universal themes, many readers feel a personal connection to the BLR and find reflections of their own lives and experiences.”





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